This Dog Jumps Into Lake Like All Of Us Jumping Into 2020

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYYou’ll have fun watching this brave dog swim. In the lake, a woman records how this cautious dog touches the water with his paws to feel the temperature of the water in the lake, and then it takes a dip and swims a little. You have to watch how he dives into the water!

In the summer and with the arrival of high temperatures, a good refreshing dip is good for any dog, but be careful, not every dog loves the water. This is known by dog owners who have already tried to invite them when they jump into the water and they have refused or even been frightened.

We should know that even dogs that belong to swimming breeds are afraid to go into the sea for the first time, either because they are afraid of the waves or they are afraid of swimming. There is another group of dogs that love to get into the water and enjoy the moment splashing around.

If you want your dog to go into the sea as confidently as the one in this video, you can do it yourself first and call it in little by little. If you see it sink, don't be afraid because its instinct will make it move his paws and swim, but if you see that it doesn't, you can catch it.

If you want your dog not to be afraid of the water at any time, never force it, nor push it by force because you run the risk that it will get scared and never want to try again.

Remember to avoid strong currents, because even expert swimming dogs do not move forward if the current is very strong and they end up being swept away.

And when you finally get your dog into the sea, try to get it to wear a collar or a harness that you can pull on if you need to rescue it in an emergency. It is important to know that you should never throw them into the water because they will not want to come closer to the shore.

The specialists emphasize that swimming strengthens the muscles of our dogs, increases the potential of metabolism and improves coordination and has no age limits so they can practice it at any age.

So you know! The pool or a good hose when it is hotter is also welcome. So let your dog enjoy the best physical exercise it can get: swimming.

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