Lazy Pug Doesn't Want To Go For Walk, Gets Dragged While In Bed

Published January 8, 2020 7,559 Views $2.71 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMiggy the pug just doesn't feel like going for a walk today. Priceless!

Have you ever seen a dog so lazy that he doesn't want to get out of bed to go for a walk? Probably not, since most dogs love to go for a walk, but this lazy dog seems to be the exception. Some experts say that some dogs tend to suffer fatigue and that is why they are quite lazy, but this is not good for the health of dogs, since dogs need to exercise constantly. This lazy Pug dog named Miggy doesn't want to get out of bed to go for a walk with his owners, he seems to have something better to do, which consists of sleeping at home. Although Miggy owners try to convince him to get up and go for a walk, Miggy seems to be convinced he doesn't want to go anywhere. Miggy doesn't want to get out of bed, no matter if they drag her!

Well, yes, even if you don't believe it, your dog may start to look bored if they walk the same path or if you don't give him a chance to sniff around for a while in addition to just walking. In this case you can try to change the routine a bit by following a different path, also try to give it moments when you can smell the trees and plants at your leisure and, if possible, change the speeds of the ride, even consider jogging in some sections or running, because that will inject novelty to the ride.

The time of the trip can become a nightmare for you and for him if you scold, scream or correct him all the time by pulling the strap. If your dog still does not learn to walk correctly, do not wear yourself constantly scolding him, because you will only be stuck in a vicious circle. The best thing you can do is modify your way of walking with him and resort to some solutions like these to correct bad habits.

If your dog is one of those that sits or throws in the middle of the walk, it may be indicating that it is sold out. This is very common in small breeds or in dogs that are flat, such as pugs or bulldogs, as they can be depleted because they usually have difficulty breathing and also because they are very sensitive to high temperatures. In that case, we recommend you take it out early or late so that it is not so hot and walk short distances so as not to exhaust it.

You should always remember that if your dog had an unpleasant experience, such as a fight or if there is a dog that barks uncontrollably each time they pass, it is possible that your dog does not want to walk, put a certain area because he is afraid. Try changing the route to see if you can change your behavior and enjoy the ride again as before. Sometimes dogs are really lazy!