Angry Driver Nearly Sideswipes Cyclist In Berlin

Published January 7, 2020 4,960 Views $14.11 earned

Rumble / Horrible DriversJust another sad example of everyday-cycling in Berlin. Even if there was a third lane it wouldn't help!

If you want to be informed, you will surely know that there is always a constant struggle between drivers and cyclists, since cyclists often hate drivers and drivers often hate cyclists. This hatred seems to be an endless cycle! In some cities there are more cyclists than in others, which makes the hate between cyclists and drivers much greater. Berlin is one of the cities where people usually use more bicycles, since they consider that cycling allows them to avoid traffic and thus reach their destination faster. In this curious video you can see the exact moment when an annoying driver tries to run over a cyclist in the streets of Berlin, which clearly demonstrates that some drivers may hate cyclists a lot. Fortunately, the cyclist was able to dodge the angry driver and no one was injured. Some people need more education!

One of the most common myths has to do with the idea that many of a group of cyclists can circulate in platoon. Something that, of course, is not true. The General Circulation Regulation has undergone several updates over the years, until it reaches the current point where cyclists are allowed to circulate in parallel, but not in platoon, and only under very specific conditions: that everything be rimmed as much as possible at the end of the road, and that they relocate in a row, in a row one by one, in sections without visibility, or in traffic agglomerations.

Cyclists can be grouped together, without the need to maintain the safety distance that applies to other vehicles. Cyclists can also drive on the highway, but only on the shoulder, without invading the road in any case. On any road, the cyclist must use the shoulder, but if this is insufficient, he can use part of the car-enabled lane, always on the right side and occupying the minimum possible space. The cyclist can also use part of the lane - except on the motorway - to safely make a descent on a stretch of curves.

Only cyclists over 14 years old can drive on the highway. And every rider on the road must wear a helmet, although the law has some somewhat arbitrary exemptions, with which I do not agree, as it is not mandatory in extreme hot conditions.

Cyclists also have to equip their bicycle with red rear catadioptrics on the road, which is mandatory, considering the yellow reflectors on wheels and pedals as optional. Between sunset and sunrise, the cyclist must also use, at least, a white front position light, which is also necessary to use in sections with a tunnel signal, and reflective garments that allow visibility to 150 meters.

Finally, it is important to remember another extremely important rule that drivers must know. The driver must leave a lateral distance when overtaking a cyclist of at least 1.5 meters and - this is very important - he can exceed the central continuous line, as long as he performs the maneuver, of course, in safe conditions. This is pure adrenaline!