Cow Best Friends Share Incredible Bond

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsBessie Mae and Mabel Lee clearly share an incredibly tight bond. They will always be friends until they are old and senile... at that point they’ll just be new friends!

Although it seems hard to believe, cows are animals capable of feeling emotions like love. It is proven that cows have the ability to do and feel quite interesting things, even similar to those of people, which is quite surprising since cows are farm animals. This emotional video shows two adorable cows giving affection, obviously these two cows will be best friends forever, since you can see how much they love each other. Throughout the video you can see how the black cow approaches the brown cow to show her that she loves her, so the brown cow becomes very happy. Subsequently, the black cow moves away to go to where its owner is, which shows that it is a very affectionate cow. Cows also know the meaning of friendship!

If you are afraid your heart speeds up. If you feel severe pain, you scream. If sadness invades you, tears will escape your eyes without you being able to remedy it. It's that simple. Our emotions are deeply connected to our bodily functions and are difficult to repress. To top it all, we are endowed with a good number of mirror neurons, a group of cells that allow us to recognize emotions in others and feel them as our own.

Mirror neurons are responsible for getting excited when contemplating the sadness of another person or animal. Yes, you read that right, animal, because you should know that animals also feel sorrow, fear, anger, disgust and joy. We often forget the ability to feel that animals possess, and the cruelty with which we treat them. Although from time to time, some good news makes us believe again in the goodness of the human being. Cows, for example, are a very perceptive animal, capable of feeling and expressing their moods. In this way if they feel insecure or trapped, they cry.

Cows are magical beings and we all love them, however, digressing a bit on social networks; We found something interesting. Throughout Twitter and especially Instagram, there are many people who have adopted vaquitas as pets. Yes, yes, the vaquitas live there with them, they play, they have their drinking fountain and even grassland to take the snack. There is a whole community dedicated to having her vaquita and spoiling her, they share tips of care, aesthetics, activities and others to have her new friend in optimal conditions. Why not love them? They are very sociable animals, intelligent and in general, great. Another reason why they love having a cow at home is because the milk would be fresher than ever, as they would have it short.

Obviously after seeing all this, we NEED to adopt a pet cow, however, we must understand that it is not to go for a cow and now. It requires a lot of special care and especially space so that you can grow and live happily. It is important to respect all animals, since we all have the right to enjoy life to the fullest. Cows have feelings!

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