Dog Chomps Down On Quad Copter In Epic Slow Motion

Published January 4, 2020 5,735 Views $3.59 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHenry hunts down the dreaded quad copter in this awesome clip. Bye bye quad copter!

Did you ever think that your dog was the worst dog in the world for biting your socks? Then you are wrong, since this dog bit and destroyed a quad copter. Some dogs do not understand everything that happens around them, so sometimes they chase and bite things to learn new things, since dogs are very curious to see new things. Toy quad copter are new things for dogs, dogs are not used to seeing quad copter fly, so this dog jumped to bite its owner's quad copter. The dog probably just wanted to play and look closely at the quad copter, but ended up destroying its owner's quad copter. Goodbye, quad copter!

There are several reasons why our dog bites our most precious objects; Anxiety, boredom, gum pain or hyperactivity are the most frequent. If we have a puppy between three and six months we can understand this behavior as normal, since the safest thing is that their gums hurt because their teeth are coming out. To avoid getting used to biting our things it is recommended that we buy toys that can bite, bones, balls and other things.

Before giving them any object, we must ensure that it is not toxic or harmful to their health and that it has an adequate size to avoid drowning. Whistling toys are usually your favorites, but they can drive us crazy. We should never give him old shoes or our things, since our dog will not differentiate an old shoe from a new one. If we choose the natural bones for our dog to let off steam, we must take into account that they are not chicken, since they can splinter. Ham bones are the most recommended as long as they have an adequate size.

If, in spite of his toys, our dog prefers the objects of our house, we must watch him at all times to be able to reprimand him at the moment that he tries to nibble on something. If we find our dog biting, for example the leg of a sofa, we must be firm and forceful, a strongman will NOT tell you that what he does is not right, then we will remove him from that place and give him his toy to bite him. This should be enough so that our dog does not bite him again, but you have to be constant, most will not learn at first. We must not lose heart or reprimand him with physical punishment. Rolled newspapers are not a good learning method.

Normally, we find that our dog has bitten many things when we were not at home, if we see that he has bitten something but we have not caught him infraganti, it is useless and absurd to scold him or punish him for it. In spite of the disasters that they can cause, the expensive furniture that can break or the precious objects that can destroy, we must not lose our nerves, the only physical punishments they get is to turn our friend into a scary animal.

The most effective way to prevent our puppy from biting everything when we are not here, is to leave it in an empty room or with things that it cannot bite and destroy, this is the best method, but before enclosing our friend, it is preferable that we give him a Great walk or do some exercise, so that during the time you are in that room do not take it as a punishment, but as a rest.