Dog and owner listen to "That's Amore" together

Published January 3, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIn the clip of the day, an old classic called “That’s Amore” is being played very loud on what looks like the family computer in the office. The video starts in the corridor leading to this office, where the person grabbing the video pressed the recording button. The music is quite loud straight from the start of the footage, and we can also hear that someone else is singing along, maybe not every lyric, but most of the last words or last catchphrase.

As the person gets to the open door of the office, we get to see an old man sitting at his desk, in front of a computer that is playing the song that we’ve been hearing. The man seems to be enjoying his time. The most surprising thing about this video is one of the dogs of the old man seems to be in a cuddling mood. He is sitting the closest to his owner as possible and as soon as he bends a little bit to pet him, the dog gets very happy and try to give him his paw.

The dog looked like he was about to howl, he was putting his head high and backwards, but it must have been to get scratches and cuddles from the owner. On the internet, we can often come across videos where dogs are “singing”(howling) along with their owners singing or playing music. The dog of this video must be shy or maybe he is just busy enjoying the attention from his owner. No matter the case it is very cute to watch.

The old man does not seem to know that he is being recorded, or else, maybe he decided to not let it ruin his free time. He continues to pet the dog as the dog seems so happy to share this moment with his owner.

As mentioned earlier, one of the dogs of this old guy seems to be obsessed with hugs and music, but the two other dogs that are laying on the floor probably don’t like it as much. They didn’t even move during the whole clip, or maybe just their head or their paws to get in a better position to continue taking a nap. They did not even look at the other dog getting attention, they must all be treated the same as they don’t get jealous.

At the end of the video the person recording leaves the door frame, without disturbing the man or the dogs.

Watch these two share a sweet moment to a classic song. Adorable!


  • winkeldinkel, 1 week ago

    Now that is cute! Love that one. The dog must be Italiano!

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