Groundhog chows down on carrot for the camera

Published January 2, 2020

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsChunk has finally gone after a carrot! As usual he plops right in front of the camera and chomps this carrot down! Hilarious!

Do you like carrots and are you curious about groundhogs? Watch how the adorable groundhog eats a delicious carrot in front of the camera! It is proven that carrots are very good for health, since they have many vitamins that can improve people's health and vision. But carrot is not only good for people, it is also the favorite food of rabbits and marmots. Some animals really like to pose in front of the camera, they probably want to become super stars and know what it feels like to be someone famous, the truth is that this adorable groundhog has already won the affection of all its spectators. Everyone should follow the advice of this groundhog and eat carrots!

Marmots are rodents that maintain a very close bond with squirrels. Of this species they are the largest and have very interesting characteristics, including their diet. Groundhogs feed is mainly herbivorous because they feel a strong predilection for natural herbs of various types. Their appetite is very voracious and they usually feed in the early hours of the morning and in the late afternoon. Although they are herbivores, they sometimes like to eat some types of insects and other small invertebrate animals. It is not very frequent and specialists indicate that the consumption of these animals only constitutes 1% of their diet.

In seasons like spring, they like to eat the bark of trees. To stay well fed, groundhogs usually eat large amounts of food during certain times of the year to be able to hibernate in the winter and summer season. These rodents are quite sensitive to hot weather, for this reason, when there are very sunny and hot days they avoid getting out of their burrows. This may cause them to stop feeding for days until there is a more favorable climate to leave. They usually settle near lettuce, cabbage, corn, etc. Thus they have their food nearby. This can be quite annoying for farmers.

Being herbivorous, these rodents consume lettuce, dandelion, cabbage, carrots, seeds, beans, clover, roots, tree bark, crickets, grasshoppers, worms, spiders and small insects with greater predilection. These foods usually consume them in large quantities. This helps to form a layer of fat in your body, necessary to keep them fed during long periods of hibernation. Groundhogs usually eat the herbs that have just sprouted more tastefully. Therefore, they tend to damage the crops because they eat the shoots as soon as they notice their presence preventing the plant from growing.

Surely you will have seen in the animated films that the groundhogs eat holding the food between their 2 small front legs. This is not far from reality because groundhogs generally hold herbs or small insects with their legs and take them to their mouths. Thus, with their small teeth, herbs and insects crumble. It is likely that this video has aroused you a lot of interest in groundhogs, so you should research a little more about them and learn more about their lives. Groundhogs are really interesting animals!


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