Howling Dog Sings Right Into Karaoke Microphone

Published January 2, 2020 56,643 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesKobe sings along to his owner's harmonica in epic karaoke style. Get ready for the mixtape!

Surely you know that dogs like soft and relaxing music because this allows them to be calmer and allows them to sleep better knowing that everything is in order. It is proven that soft music allows dogs to release stress and have much more desire to play, for this reason this adorable dog named Kobe howls and sings in the karaoke microphone. Throughout the video you can see how this adorable dog sings in front of the harmonica of its owner, obviously Kobe wants to make a musical group with its owner, since he considers that both have a lot of talent. This dog is the best karaoke singer!

Dogs are highly sensitive animals, capable of capturing very subtle changes in their environment and even in us, hence some dogs are even able to predict pregnancy by perceiving changes in human physiology, which is also evident in those dogs They attend diabetics. With tremendous sensitivity and perception we should not be surprised that dogs are able to react when listening to music, and they can interpret any sound in an extraordinary way due to their high hearing capacity. The saying goes that music tames wild animals, but then, why do dogs howl with music? Continue reading to know more.

Although the howl is usually associated in the first instance with the wolves, the truth is that dogs also howl and this behavior is essentially a communication tool quite similar to that of barking. A dog can howl to announce its presence to other dogs over great distances but they also howl with their human family, although in the latter case the communication seeks a more concrete and precise objective: it suffers social isolation and fears being left alone or that no one can help. On other occasions the howl goes from being a form of communication to being a simple response to sound stimuli, although it is true that many of them may be imperceptible to the human ear. The howl is a symptom of separation anxiety and obviously in this case it will occur when our dog is left alone at home, many owners who notice this situation by the comments of other people who hear the dog howl. It also occurs in dogs that have been confined to the garden, without the possibility of entering the home.

It is very possible that you have ever listened to music in the company of your dog and observed how it begins to howl, it is even very likely that you have believed that this reaction is because your dog does not feel comfortable with that sound stimulus, but According to experts, this is generally not the case. When a dog howls when listening to music it is actually trying to accompany the melody through its howl, obviously it does not do so from a human perception, and therefore it is not trying to play the same melody, but through its howl form part of listening to music and try to interact with it. However, it is also true that the high sensitivity and hearing that dogs enjoy even today is still the subject of numerous studies, so in a few years this response could be much broader and more defined.