Bewildered Dog Gives Hilarious Look To The Camera

3 years ago

Bones the Alaskan Husky becomes totally bewildered when a Costa Rican rescue makes it to the frozen north and starts playing!

Do you think the reaction of dogs can sometimes be very fun? Watch the reaction of this dog to see how his canine friends play while sitting next to their owners on the couch. The reactions of dogs can vary as much as those of people, since dogs can feel feelings of love, guilt, fear and bewilderment. Dogs often feel interested in the things that other dogs do around them, and this often surprises or baffles them. In this case, you can see the bewildered face of this dog to see that his canine companions are playing when he just wants to be sitting on the couch watching a movie. It's not a good time to play, it's time to sit on the couch to watch a movie!

The mood of your dog can change due to various factors, experiences and even without any reason for the passage of time. As a result they can become more friendly, fearful and even grumpy, in this article we want to guide you so you know what are the causes that can change or modify the behavior of a dog. There are very different causes that can condition this change such as castration, poor socialization or other everyday problems.

Your best friend also has feelings, learn from lived experiences and acquire fears when you reach old age. Remember that for some reasons, have a direct relationship with you or not, the dog may feel lonely, sad, distraught, worried, tired ... There are many emotions and feelings that can cause a change in behavior. Like humans, dogs need to be able to enjoy a state of mental and physical well-being. We must ensure that all your basic needs for walking, play, cleaning and food are satisfied, we speak of course of the five freedoms of animal welfare.

It is proven that if we add a new cat or dog in the family, it may be that our beloved dog shows strange behaviors that he had never manifested before. If it is well socialized, we should not worry and let them settle their differences themselves. On the contrary, if the dog is not well socialized or if we observe a serious aggressiveness problem, it will be time to act. In addition, if your dog has not learned since puppy the importance of playing properly with other dogs you must teach him how to do it even if it is an adult dog. Never stop promoting socialization with other members of your species and even humans. Very important.

Not always a dog and its owner understand each other perfectly. It is important to know the language of the dog. If you and the dog are not on the same wavelength, it can generate confusion and discomfort in the environment that will directly affect your mood. Many people understand perfectly when they are told that they should be relaxed and firm with their dog, but when the time comes, they do not understand what those behavioral changes mean and adopt attitudes of nervousness or intolerance in the face of the dog's enigmatic emotions. It is very important to understand dogs!

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