Clumsy baby elephant walks face first into mother's foot

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFew animals in the African wild can be more entertaining than baby elephants. During an African safari it is always a great pleasure to spend time with elephants when you do find them. If there are baby elephants in the herd, it is a real bonus and definitely worth spending a little longer watching and admiring these fascinating creatures. To see the largest land mammal on earth in baby form, out in the wild, is one of the great highlights of many safaris. Baby elephants are just plain adorable looking, while their clumsy behavior always provide for entertaining viewing. If baby elephants are found during safari, you can be sure there will be many smiles and heart-warming moments for safari goers. It was a hot summer afternoon when we headed out on safari in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

The best places to find animals during the heat of the afternoon are near and around the watering holes. Animals gather around a few remaining watering holes to quench their thirst during the heat of the day. One species most likely to dominate these watering holes are elephants. It did not take long for us to arrive at the first watering hole. There was a small herd of elephants standing around the water while drinking. We immediately noticed two young elephants in the herd, one which was still a baby. The elephant herd was about to leave the watering hole. The mother elephant took the lead and started walking. The baby elephant was right behind its mother and quickly started following her. After a few steps the mother elephant suddenly just stopped, with her left front foot in the air, looking like she wanted to turn around. In the process, the baby elephant walked slap bang face first into its mother’s big front foot. The baby elephant looked a little bewildered afterwards while the mother elephant looked like she was rather annoyed with both young elephants right behind her. She turned around while making it clear to both little elephants that they now need to start behaving and to get out from under her feet. Once the mother elephant gave each young elephant a push with her trunk, she turned around and led the herd onto their next destination. The whole incident happened so fast and after slowing down the video, we could get a better look and feel for the whole situation. Even though it was pretty funny to see, we still wonder who was really in the wrong here? The mother elephant suddenly just stopping without any warning? Or the baby elephant being clumsy and not watching where it was going? Either way, we all had a big smile on our faces after watching elephant family life unfolding right in front of us.

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