Dog demonstrates amazing impulse control

4 years ago

Occurred on October 21, 2019 / Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

Info from Licensor: "Woodsie demonstrating impulse control when he realizes he's about to feast on a steak."

The reaction of dogs when they know it is time to eat can be fun, but you have probably never seen a reaction as interesting as that of this beautiful dog. Dogs tend to be very obedient, since it is very easy for them to learn new things and follow instructions, which allows them to be very intelligent dogs, since they can control their impulses. The dog that appears in this fun video shows that he is able to control his impulses and be very obedient when it comes to eating, so his owner shows him a delicious steak and tells him exactly when it is the right time to eat it. The dog turns on the floor and stands on two legs following the instructions of its owner, then the dog owner gives him the steak but tells him to wait to eat it, so the dog waits for the order and eats. This dog is very obedient!

Sometimes, our dog can be obedient when we are in front, but at the same time, disobey specific orders when we are away from home. These orders may be not getting on the couch or bed, not spreading garbage around the house or not biting shoes. It is obvious that, if when you get home, you see that your animal has done some or all of these things, it is not obedient.

It is fully proven that the best way to educate an animal to be obedient is to reward good deeds and punish bad ones. When we talk about punishment we are not referring to physical punishment, not even to fear the animal, since this will only traumatize it. While you are training with your pet, reward him when he is obedient, even if it was only once that he obeyed one of your orders. Always show him your "gift" and if he doesn't obey don't give it to him. You can speak to him in a sweet and affectionate way while trying to teach him to be obedient and tell him what to do if he wants his prize.
Animals that live in apartments have a large amount of accumulated energy, so it will be more difficult for the animal to focus on training if it is willing to release that energy. If you make him exercise before, without exhausting him, it will be easier for him to learn to be obedient. Do not teach him everything at once. Do a planning and decide what you are going to teach your pet every day. First one thing and then another; If you intend to teach everything at once, you will saturate your head and will not understand anything.

If you want your dog to be polite and obedient, don't let him do his will. Sometimes our pets do funny things, that even when they are disobeying us, they make us laugh. Suppress that impulse, you are the boss and the animal must know. You must be consistent with what you ask and what you allow him to do.Dogs are very obedient pets!

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