Mom Surprised With Christmas Puppy After Losing 1-Year-Old Labrador

Published December 26, 2019

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThis mom unexpectedly lost her sweet 1-year-old Labrador, so her daughter was able to fill the hole in her life with an emotional Christmas surprise. Check it out!

Losing a pet is very painful for all people, since pets are always part of the family, especially when it comes to having dogs as a pet. People often feel very sad when they lose their dogs, whether by a natural act or not, the truth is that the loss of a loved one will always be very painful. Although it is unfair, dogs have a much lower life expectancy than people, that is, they live less years, so be sure to give them the best life. In this emotional video you can see the adorable reaction of this mother when she receives a puppy as a gift, since the woman had been very sad for the loss of her 1-year-old Labrador. The children of this woman decided to give her a dog to try to cheer her up, evidently the strategy was very effective, since the woman is very happy with her new puppy. Dogs are the best pets in the universe!

When an elderly person lives with a pet, their self-esteem increases, while away feelings of distress and loneliness, among other benefits for their physical and mental health. But when deciding which dog to adopt for an older person, we must take into account different factors such as age, character and even the size of the animal. It is important to know that the main idea is that the animal becomes a company and not a burden for the elderly.

Although it is always beautiful to see a puppy grow and educate, dogs older than three are recommended for a person who is in transit through the elderly. An adult dog has its most established character and will prevent the elderly from making an additional effort for their education and education. However, there are always people who prefer puppies and that is not bad, since they can educate them as they want and they could become the best pets in the world. You have to let people choose what they want!

Small and medium-sized dogs are the most recommended for these cases, especially considering avoiding possible falls for older people if the animal pulls heavily on its leash when walking. There is also the risk that, before an effusive show of affection, the dog jumps on its owner and, given its large size, also causes it to fall. But also, it should be considered that with smaller animals it is easier to access public places such as transport and some shops.

A calm dog is the most appropriate to accompany the elderly. If it is also cuddly and attached to its owner, we are facing the ideal combination. It is also important to choose an animal that has been socialized correctly. This will ensure that the dog is not fearful and has no tendency to escape. In addition, when going for a walk, it is very important that the dog has learned not to pull the leash to avoid possible falls from its owner. If the dog has not been educated, there is always the option of hiring the services of a dog trainer.


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