Golden Retriever Obsessed With Dog-Themed Commercial

Published December 26, 2019 115,041 Views $42.87 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWatch as the golden retriever Puck enjoys this dog commercial. He dreams of being on the big screen someday and maybe driving a car like the dogs in this funny commercial. Hilarious!

You'll love his reaction! The dog tries to understand the scenes that are presented before his eyes, and he doesn't get out of the amazement when he sees that dogs can also go behind the wheel. Very funny!

The world of dogs inspires many questions. All of us who have a pet dog have wondered a thousand times about things like what dogs dream, what they think, whether they love us... or what they see on TV? Does your dog look carefully at the screen when it is on? Keep reading!

Are dogs really able to see something on TV? Many people think that they only see a glare, a lit screen, but the truth is that they are able to detect figures and images. Not with the same colors or sharpness as us, but they know there are things on TV.

What is the color perception of dogs? Dogs, contrary to what many people think, do not see black and white, they see colors, just differently. While we perceive colors on the basis of three primary colors (red, blue, yellow), dogs perceive two primary colors, blue and yellow. This affects their complete chromatic perception.

But in spite of that, they watch TV, and they distinguish things. In fact, when dogs see an animal on TV, they are perfectly capable of distinguishing it from humans. Even if it's an animal they've never seen live. They can also distinguish sounds, such as barks, bells, dialogues, etc.

Even if dogs see things on TV, they are not really relevant to them. Remember that their main sense is the smell, not sight. What really gets a dog's attention is the smell of something, not the image. That's why, although dogs are able to distinguish images and sound on the TV, they don't usually focus all their attention on it. They don't understand it!

What we do know is that every dog has a different perception of TV. There are breeds that are more "agile" when it comes to detecting images. For example, terriers are better at watching TV than hunting dogs.

As we said, even if a dog watches TV, the contents do not suggest anything to it, it cannot understand them. And that is simply because they are not designed for him.

But... did you know that there is a TV channel specially designed for the canine public? It's called DogTV and it broadcasts 24 hours a day. Its programming is specially designed to generate interest in dogs, both visually and acoustically. Besides, as it is logical, it does not have any advertising. In this way, dogs that spend a lot of time alone in the house can be entertained by watching TV.

There are also programs on the air that dogs can interact with. In fact, those programs have proven to be their favorite! Although dogs' attention span and interaction skills are limited, they do so in very short periods of time.

Puck looks like he's ready to audition for TV commercials! Too funny!