3 years ago

Dog rescued from euthanasia celebrates Christmas

Abby was set to be euthanized at a high kill shelter. A worker at the shelter called no kill shelters in New Jersey asking if they would take her. Jersey shore animal rescue agreed to save her life. Abby was driven from South Carolina by kind people.

That’s when my family found her. We went to the shelter. Abby was in a cement run. She never barked. She had an old tennis ball. Her only toy. She is so smart. She was playing fetch with herself. She learned to go to the end of her small kennel, taking her ball then gently pushing it with her nose. When it reached the end of the kennel, she would retrieve the ball.
We thought we rescued her, she rescued us. She is dearly loved not only by my family but everyone that meets her.

Abby also volunteers at the yearly suicide awareness walks. She has a shirt that says volunteer. People walk up to her, don’t say a word and begin to pet her.

Abby knows she was saved and she brings joy to everyone she meets.

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