Incredibly friendly seal can't stop hugging scuba diver

Published December 26, 2019

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsSometimes my #DiveBuddies can be a bit "clingy"...

I'd never met this #DiveBuddy before...

Something to lighten the mood away from dark #winter nights, #politics & pressures

It's a calmer world down there sometimes...

Do you find the depths of the ocean interesting? Probably yes, but this fun video shows that the world can be quieter and more relaxing underwater. Not everyone likes the ocean, some fear him, however, there are always brave people who like to exploit the ocean and discover everything underwater. In this case, you can see how this brave man dives underwater to explore and learn new things, but on the way he finds an adorable seal that just wants to have fun and play with him. Sometimes there is a quieter world down there!

Diving is not only a fun and enormously rewarding activity for all of us who love diving. In addition to being able to surprise us with the natural wonders of the depths, scuba diving is one of the most relaxing and complete sports that exists and has many health benefits. It is good both physically and mentally. The benefits of diving for health are innumerable and begin with the feeling of well-being that comes in contact with water.

Diving is an integral activity that combines sport with entertainment and offers great personal satisfaction to those who practice it, maintaining a good state of physical and mental health. Moving underwater is an excellent exercise. When we dive we are doing a great 'favor' to our body since we work all the muscles thanks to the resistance that the water provides. And above it improves our coordination improves: maintaining the balance in the water forces the two cerebral hemispheres to work, which improves our psychomotor ability and spatial orientation.
We must not forget either the exercise involved in swimming the surface, the effort to get in and out of the water or the transport and loading of the equipment. A good way to burn body fat and exercise every tendon and muscle.

In addition, it should also be noted that diving accelerates metabolism. Nitrogen accumulates in our body (moderately), which causes the metabolism to increase to remove it from the system until 18 hours after a dive.
Scuba diving also invites integral well-being, as divers must have a healthy life and take care of their physical condition. We all know that the golden rule of scuba diving is never, never hold your breath. Breathing deeply and slowly when diving is a great exercise for the heart, muscles and strengthens blood circulation. Expands lung capacity and also stimulates the lymphatic system and releases toxins.

Scuba diving is a practice that gives security and confidence to those who practice it. Learning to dive means gradually surpassing oneself, so self-confidence grows. Emotional benefits to which is added the experience of breaking the daily routine.

Do not forget that diving is also a constant learning. Every time we equip ourselves and jump into the water we are learning. Not only when we complete the different courses; Every minute we spend underwater is an opportunity to discover new marine species, explore new shipwrecks, improve our photographic skills. In short, we enrich our mind and get, despite being submerged, we believe we are on top of the world .


  • Gameriam100, 2 weeks ago

    I think the seal wants food do you have food on you

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  • winkeldinkel, 2 weeks ago

    cute! that's a good sized seal...

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  • cdngreenwaterdiver, 2 weeks ago

    Very cool. This is very popular here in Vancouver as well. One day I hope to have this experience.

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  • RA378, 1 week ago

    really nice

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  • RitaAnn, 1 week ago

    The seal is a big baby wanting hugs. Lol

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