Senior poodle is a pro at opening Christmas presents

Published December 26, 2019 3,722 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesChristmas is a special time for everyone and these days in our pet-friendly climate, it's just as much fun for our beloved animals. Chico is a senior poodle of 17 years and he's done Christmas more than a few times in the past and he knows exactly what's involved. When he sees the decorations and Christmas tree going up, he knows what's on the horizon. You can almost see his excitement start to build.

He checks the tree out on a daily basis, watching as the presents pile up. He knows that under that tinsel and fancy wrapping paper there are an abundance of dog delights. New squeaky toys, stuffed animals and dog treats. Sometimes he sniffs the various presents to get a clue. He seems to always decipher which ones are for him. His owners enjoy gifting him with new presents every year. They enjoy it almost as much as their pet does.

There is a whole industry devoted to making pet toys for dogs and cats, not to mention clothing lines for every animal you can think of. It is big business and it shows how much our pets are really family. Christmas is a great time for us to bond with our humans and our pets, which are basically fur-people to us. It's entertaining to see how they mimic our own behavior. They watch us tearing wrapping paper off of our gifts and they learn to do the same.

It's a fun tradition to celebrate with our animals and a diversion from our sometimes monotonous lives. Do you have Christmas traditions that you engage in with your pets during the holidays? We would love to hear your comments below and if you enjoyed this video clip, please share it with your friends!