Great Dane Enthusiastically Opens Christmas Gift

Published December 25, 2019 120,000 Views $7.85 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSirius the Great Dane goes to the tree every year and opens his present from Santa. Priceless!

Do you think dogs deserve to receive a gift at Christmas? Christmas should be good for everyone, regardless of whether you are a person or a dog, as it is about sharing and celebrating with all loved ones, including pets. Not all people give gifts to their dogs, but there are some people who do, and these people make sure that their dogs are happier when they have gifts. Obviously, this great Dane is very excited about his new gift, since throughout the video you can see how he opens his gift with much enthusiasm. This adorable Great Dane is called Sirius and every year he goes to the Christmas tree to find the gift that Santa Claus left him. Santa Claus also gives gifts to dogs!

Christmas has arrived and pets that are a member of the family, should also participate in the celebration of the birth of Jesus but we must not forget that they may also require a series of special care when these dates so marked. In Pets Animals we talk about everything related to Christmas and Pets. Christmas is the most special time of all so that in the house the Christmas decoration is placed, the table is prepared, with tablecloths and special tableware and even we prepare ourselves with Santa hats. Dogs can also have their hat, their special feeder for these holidays and their Christmas gift.

It is Christmas, so that your dog, your cat or any pet should also be given preferential treatment since they suffer a lot with the rockets and firecrackers that are usually thrown, especially at New Year's Eve. In addition they also appreciate that we give them a gift and that we open it with them on the morning of December 25. Many times the pet is the only thing that some people have, as a company and for everything, so it deserves the best gift. Sometimes he doesn't need a majestic material gift, with taking him for a walk in the park to run around the allowed places, or just taking him for a walk.

It is very important that when everyone puts on hats to celebrate Christmas, the pet will also wear a hat, so he will feel like one more at the party. On the other hand, ask that you can give treats, something that is going to be eaten at home and that does not hurt you, for a few days so that you feel that they are special days, both for the homeowners and for him . In these Christmas days, pets tend to be attracted to the food that is cooked in the houses. Especially dogs will be around the kitchen and ask so that many owners usually give them leftovers or their own food but it is not advisable.

The pet like children love to receive gift toys, there is a lot of variety, some that sound, others that urges them to hunt, others that at the same time clean their teeth and give them good breath, a new collar, or flirt with a dressed, with beautiful haircuts, or if it is a girl to give her ribbons or bows to beautify her. Dogs are part of the family!