Precious Pup Gently Watches Over Newborn Babies

4 years ago

How cute is this? Happy Holidays everybody from our family to yours!

Do you think dogs are good pets to care for and protect babies? See how this adorable dog takes care of these adorable newborn babies! It is proven that dogs are very intelligent, faithful and protective pets, so many people give children dogs, since they can become best friends. In this case, you can see how an adorable dog takes care of two newborn babies, evidently the dog knows that babies are the new members of the family, so you should take good care of them and make sure they are safe. This is the most adorable thing you'll see today!

The dog is said to be man's best friend, and the truth is that a well-educated and loved dog creates a very strong emotional bond with all family members, including children and even babies. Some dogs take this link to the point of developing a protective instinct towards their family, which drives them not only to take care of it at all times, but even to take aggressive attitudes towards those they consider a possible threat.

The protective instinct in dogs is very good. Although the dog has been with the man for centuries, the truth is that it has not been able to completely strip him of his wild instinct. It still retains the behavior of its species, especially with regard to the survival and care of the pack. In a family where there are young children and babies, the dog will feel the need to protect them from unknown people who try to get close as well as other dogs. This, of course, if the dog has been allowed to interact with the children and consider them part of the family. All dogs are capable of manifesting this instinct of protection towards children and babies, although it is usually stronger still in breeds that have long been trained for defense, such as the German shepherd, the rottweiler or the doberman.

Some researchers claim that the dog recognizes the human family as its herd, while others claim that, instead of perceiving humans as their peers, they identify them as the social group to which they belong. From this social group the dog receives affection, food and care, so that in case of any possible threat he feels the need to protect his members, both to give back all the good received and to ensure his own survival. Apparently, the dog is able to perceive them as the most harmless and dependent beings of the group, so they need the help of others (including the dog itself) to be well.
The dog is the friend of babies!

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