Kitten Begs For Attention From Little Girl

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If you're one of those addicted to social networks, you've seen how interested cats are and how affectionate they seem. There's no week that a video of this species goes viral.

Videos like this one you'll see below are the ones that pet lovers love. Look at the tenderness this feline exudes! Cats have undoubtedly made their mark on social networks and are one of the main characters in moving videos like this one. Don't miss out on this overload of tenderness!

Christmas morning is a very special day, mainly for children, but this little girl received a double gift because her cat said good morning to her with a huge dose of love and tenderness.

You can see how much this cat loves little Ema, who is a little distracted by her cell phone, but her cat still tries to convince her to play with him and pay attention to his cuddles.

Societies have considered cats as less interested in humans. This is because as a species that normally lives alone, they have always been thought to enjoy little human company. Recent research shows that, once again, we were wrong.

Our cats care about us and know when we are happy. They are sensitive, jealous, joyful, anxious and concerned about us, although they show it in a different way. The problem is that unlike dogs, which are easy to train, with cats it is more complex. That is another reason why research on their emotional world is less than with other animals.

As mammals, cats have everything they need to feel in their brains. All the mechanisms, brain structures and neurotransmitters required to experience emotions similar to ours. They may not be identical, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

The most obvious proof that cats feel emotions is in the context of motherhood. A cat's behavior towards her young during this period is loaded with evidence of empathy, which can only be motivated by feelings of affection and concern for her offspring, responses that are impossible without the existence of emotions.

As far as its interaction with the humans, the period of critical socialization of the kittens happens between weeks 2 and 7 approximately. If they are socially stimulated, at the end of this phase they are already able to bond with humans and recognize them. That is, they accept you as their companion. An idea that has not caught on in society but that shatters the myth that they live with us out of interest, as Eileen Karsh and Dennis Turner demonstrated in a series of studies in the 1980s.

The more we interact with them in the first weeks of life, the greater their desire to relate to humans in the future, and the more likely they are to accept us. Although with longer intervals, given our slow development, this logic can be applied to human babies as well.

When this bond is created they are looking to us. The Hungarian researcher Ádám Miklós discovered that, just like dogs, cats understand human signals, such as where we point or what we look at. They simply show it less, have their own way of doing things and are more independent. But this doesn't affect their ability to feel and love us at all.

Affective signs are expressed through other behaviors. For example, rubbing against your legs and even your head if you're lying in bed or on your couch. They also use licking and even more curious: blinking. Touch is very important but the big secret is in their beautiful tails. A cat with its tail held high is very likely to then rub or "pet" its human friend.

Cats are also very sensitive to any change in the house, whether it's a new item of furniture or a change of location. These cats, like most mammals, need to know how the elements around them behave in order to feel good. Something new is always unsettling when you consider the unpredictable environment of the turbulent age from which all mammals come.

So the problem is not them but us. The problem is our ignorance and inability to understand them because cats can also become man's best friend.

Check out this Christmas morning tenderness between Ema and her little kitten. Cuteness overload!

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