Cat Totally Freaks Out When Given Avocado

Published December 24, 2019

Rumble / Cats & KittensDo you like avocado a lot? Probably yes, since avocado is one of the favorite fruits of many lovers of tropical cuisine. However, although the avocado is very delicious and nutritious, it is proven that it can be harmful to the health of some animals, so that is probably the reason why this adorable cat is afraid of avocados. This adorable cat is called Juniper and his owners try to give him an avocado, but Juniper gets scared and pushes it. It is obvious that Juniper knows that avocado is not good for his health. Juniper's reaction when he first sees the avocado is really fun and is obviously the worst gift that Juniper has been given, so it shouldn't happen again. This cat really hates avocados!

There are a lot of foods that are harmful to the cat's health and that you may not know. Avocado is one of them. Many cat owners know the foods that are harmful to them, but nevertheless, they are offered in small quantities.
According to doctors, cats have serious health complications only if they take large quantities of the food in question. But, even so, there have been cases where the reactions were present with a minimum amount ingested. It is recommended that you do not give the cat the products that are toxic to him, or in small portions.

Avocado contains a substance called persina that is generally harmless to humans but can be very toxic and even deadly to many other species. The danger of the persina lies mainly in its ability to damage the heart muscle and can cause its necrosis (death of cells). It also produces inflammation in the stomach, intestine and breast tissue and alters milk production in mammals.

The severity of the poisoning depends on the amount of avocado consumed, its variety and the species of the animal. All parts of the plant and its fruits contain persina. For this reason, both the leaves and branches such as the bark, pulp, and bone of the avocado are dangerous and their intake can be fatal.

Dogs and cats seem to be less susceptible to persina. However, avocado consumption can lead to abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea or otherwise constipation due to inflammation of the digestive system. In dogs, the danger of bone intake that can cause obstruction of the digestive system is added. If you suspect that an animal has ingested avocado, take it as soon as possible to a specialized veterinary center. Avocado poisoning can be confused with other diseases, so it is important that you clearly mention that there has been avocado consumption. With a rapid veterinary intervention and proper therapy it is possible to save your life although, unfortunately, not always. Parrots, rabbits or rodents that survive this poisoning can recover completely or have sequelae that require lifelong treatment. These sequels are mainly due to the damage suffered by the heart. Of course, prevention is the key. For this reason, we consider it important to disseminate this information about the danger of avocado and never offer it to animals.

This cat doesn’t like her avocado. Sorry Juniper, won’t happen again!