Spoiled Cat Literally Begs To Be Brushed

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Rumble / Cats & KittensAnother classic example of why he’s nicknamed “the bratty boy.” Leo loves attention and getting pampered by his favorite Tangle Teezer brush. Watch what happens next when his owner stops brushing him!

Do you think some cats are very demanding and spoiled? Then this cat is the most demanding and spoiled of all! Cats generally like to get the attention of their owners and be pampered, but this particular cat literally asks its owner to brush and comb it. This adorable cat named Leo is nicknamed "the spoiled child", as he literally asks his owners to brush him with his favorite brush, since he really likes to be pampered. It is a Tangle Teezer brush and every day this cat demands that its owners brush it to have beautiful and healthy hair. This cat is really spoiled!

All cats need daily brushing to avoid knots and hairballs in the stomach, so proper brushing is very important. Long-haired cats need special care and dedication, although in general, everyone has to be brushed every day. You can start brushing the cat from a puppy, at two months. For him it will be a substitute for the caresses of his mother, who licks him at birth to clean and comb him. Therefore, the best way to brush a cat is to pet it after brushing.

If you don't know how to brush your cat, first brush it to eliminate the worst knots. We will brush in the direction of the mantle and also against the hair to remove the tufts of dead hair that may have accumulated. Then, to ensure that there are no remaining knots, gently comb the comb. It is very important to follow this order and not pass the comb without having brushed before, since if it has many knots we would harm the cat. It is enough to devote 5 minutes a day to brushing so that most of the knots are easily removed when the brush is passed, avoiding extreme cases in which there is no other choice but to shave the cat. In addition, it is a good preventive measure so that dead hair does not accumulate in the animal's mantle and ingest it when grooming. After brushing, the cat can be offered paraffin oil or a malt preparation, which will be used to eliminate and prevent the formation of hairballs in the stomach (tricobezoars).

If your cat rhythmically pushes a part of your body with its paws, it is "kneading." It is a way of expressing how comfortable he feels at your side, as much as when he was little and was with his mother. And, as babies, these cats push the breasts of the cat to lower the milk. Already grown, repeat this action as a way to remember that pleasant situation. If he rubs his head against you, in addition to expressing his love, he is marking you with his smell. The cat has scent glands under its skin on the chin, around the eyes and on the sides of the head. Give up, you are his!

To know what your cat wants, you must also interpret its body language. The ears, tail and eyes will surely provide us with fundamental data. But it's obvious that this adorable cat named Leo just wants to be brushed!