Massive Reindeer Herd Block Traffic In Finland

4 years ago

Did you ever think that a herd of reindeer could block traffic on a road? Christmas has arrived and these reindeer know it! December is the month of Christmas, so it is also the month of reindeer, so these reindeer have the right to do what they want. This happened in Finland, where a herd of reindeer completely blocked traffic on a highway. These reindeer are probably headed to the north pole to help Santa in the gift season since everyone deserves to have a gift, and that is why all reindeer should help Santa. Christmas has arrived and it's time to celebrate!

Today, the history of reindeer and Christmas is centered on a Santa Claus who lives in the North Pole with his wife and with a group of elves that make toys throughout the year. When he arrives 24 at night, Santa Claus puts all the toys in a sack and rides in his sleigh to distribute the gifts in each Christmas tree.

Every year there are thousands of accidents with reindeer and elk on the roads of Finland. Traffic signs warning of the danger of animals in Finland are not pure adornment and must be taken very seriously.

Without exaggeration but in a very sensible way, those who drive in Finland also have to control the shoulders and the tree line. Except with some exceptions it is practically impossible not to find reindeer on the road when we move through Lapland. Likewise, throughout Finland, the danger of running over a moose is real although these animals do not walk on the roads or graze in gutters like reindeer, but rather cross them.

Reindeer and elk accidents on Finland's roads occur because animals, for whatever reason, run away and don't have time to react.

An adult male reindeer, in summer, can reach approximately 125 kilos and although a crash can seriously destroy the body of the vehicle, it can be said that, in general, it is not a danger to the people inside. But when it's about an elk it's all different ...

The elk is an animal that reaches up to 2 meters to the cross and weighs 600 kilos. In addition, their long legs are the reason why these animals can injure and even kill the occupants of the vehicle. The issue is that tourism-type cars, being low, with the impact break the legs of the moose and the body of the same can enter into the cabin of the car, can cause the death of people.

This footage managed to capture an intense moment that took place on a road in Finland. Watch as a large herd of reindeers block the road.

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