Boxer Preciously Snuggles With Baby

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Info from Licensor: "Natty the 3-year-old boxer puppy playing with her best friend Addie. Natty loves giving all the kisses and Addie is still getting accustomed to that stinky boxer breath!"

Are you one of the people who thinks dogs are part of the family? Probably yes, since many people say that the dog is man's best friend and that is why it is very easy for them to live with all the people in the house, regardless of their age. Often, dogs and children get along pretty well, dogs can even take care and play with babies, everything will depend on the education of the dog. In this emotional video you can see how a 3-year-old boxer dog named Natty and a baby named Addie live together and have a lot of fun. Obviously, Natty and Addie will be best friends, as they often show how much they love each other, since they kiss and hug, although Addie has not yet become accustomed to the smell of Natty's breath. Maybe Natty's breath isn't so stinky!

We owe a lot to animals, especially those who are always there by our side prepared to protect us, help us in our work, accompany us or to do anything and that is that dogs are the most emblematic case for all this kind of activities and they are not called "man's best friend" for anything. Since the beginning of its domestication, the dog has become part of the human family, enjoying the same heat that practically corresponds to each and every one of the members of the family group.

In some cases, living with dogs can lead to the development of strong emotional ties by dogs, which generates certain impulses towards family members. One of these impulses is to protect babies, one of the most noticed by families in many dogs. Despite being a domesticated species, dogs still tend to maintain their survival instinct, as well as the need to predominate over a specific place, so it is possible that the protection of the person living next to him from Frequently become one of the main behaviors observed in these, especially when it comes to the smallest.

During the creation of these bonds that are generated according to the coexistence, the dog will be able to recognize the family group as a pack, a pack in which the strongest and the weakest live. In this sense, the dog will be able to determine which are those members that deserve greater protection and effectively, dogs learn to determine that babies are usually the ones that need more protection. When it comes to children, dogs can increase this sense of protection, since they are able to deduce the levels of dependence and projection that each family member can present depending on their observed behavior.

In this way, dogs become one of the main protectors of the smallest of the house, which can be a great advantage, since there are indicators that are not possible to distinguish with the naked eye, while in the case of Dogs would be possible. An example of this could be the hormonal changes that some organisms may present when preparing to attack, a situation that can be discriminated against by the dog's senses.