Adorable Ducks Change Their Mind

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsTo eat or to freeze? These adorable free-range ducks have to decide whether they can withstand the snow so they can enjoy their breakfast or go back to their warm home. Perhaps their owner will bring food inside anyway?

It is adorable observing how animals instinctively react to keep themselves safe. See these eleven ducks that rushed out of their home to eat, like they always do every morning except that this particular morning is different from the previous ones, then turned back to their home in a seemingly organized manner. The owner of these ducks said that it was the very first snowy morning.

Instinct for self-preservation – a very powerful instinct that living organisms possess. Ducks, unlike chicken which is another commonly domesticated fowls, can withstand colder temperatures. Nonetheless, when the temperature is below negative six degrees centigrade, ducks may be at risk of frostbites. An interesting question to address is why can some breeds of ducks stand on ice or walk on ice without freezing? Amazingly, ducks have a heat exchange mechanism that will allow them to conserve their body heat so that even if their feet are directly touching the surface of the ice, their body temperature will not be affected much. Do domesticated ducks have this same mechanism? Probably, but perhaps the ability of domesticated ducks to withstand heat is not the same as those ducks living in the wild.

So then, it is important for duck owners to help their ducks stay warm during winter. Necessary preparations before the first snowfall will be really helpful. Lining the ground with hay is advisable. This will keep your ducks stay warm in their homes during winter. On the other hand, for free-range ducks, there might be a need to build an additional shelter for them, big enough for them to be able to roam around as they used to. Installing lights will provide an additional source of heat in their home. Stay keen on possible hazards the installation may cause. Consider that ducks may fly around.

In keeping your ducks warm during winter, particular attention to the food you are providing them is likewise important. Aside from making sure that their water supply does not freeze, give them food that contains fat and a lot of calories. Do you have some options in mind now?

Keep your ducks happy and safe during the winter season. Soon, you will be enjoying the happy sight of them waddling around, happily inspecting the yard they used to freely roam and prowling for slugs and snails.

Occurred on December 15, 2019 / Paola, Kansas, USA

Info from Licensor: "We have 11 free range ducks that go in their house every night and are always eager to waddle out for breakfast in the morning. However, this was the first snow of the year and after they swarmed out, they suddenly realized their desire for a warm house exceeded their interest in food! I think a lot of us can relate! These are pets that yield us duck eggs."

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