Little Girl Cries Tears Of Joy For New Puppy Surprise

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Having a puppy had always been a blissful moment for both young and old. Do you remember the time when you finally held and cuddled your very first puppy or when you finally took hold of that puppy you longed to have for some time and a kind-hearted soul gave it to you as a gift? Surely, an ecstatic momentous occasion worth commemorating. This girl’s reaction when she realized that the puppy she was petting is hers is priceless! Look at those tears of joy running down her cheeks.

When you have what you are yearning for at an unexpected time, the joy is magnified a thousandfold. Surprises make it much more exciting. In this video, the girl was seen opening waiting at one side of a fence. That must be her brother eagerly waiting by her side. The gate opened and the two entered the other side of the fence and were met by a super cute brown dog that looks so cuddly with its fur so fluffy. The puppy looks so tame, sweet and friendly. It bent on its knees and wagged its tail, welcoming the two kids petting it eagerly.

Then the most emotional moment happened – the revelation that the puppy is hers. She was about to hold the puppy up so she can carry the puppy close to her heart when she realized the surprise. She cannot believe it! She carefully put the puppy down, took hold of the paper revealing the surprise of her life as she started crying.

Was your very first meeting with your fur baby as dramatic as this? If yes, how long did your excitement thrive? A day? A week? For many kids, their excitement wanes longer than adults. This gives more time for parents to enjoy not having to take care of a new pet. Children would voluntarily do almost everything that needs to be done to keep the pet comfortable and well cared for. But when the excitement is gone, the big possibility that it would be mom or dad who would take care of everything is what comes next. It is for this reason that some parents refuse to give pets to their children even if they keep nagging to have one, even promising that they will be a responsible pet owner. For this girl though, it does not seem to be the case. It looks like she will take good care of her puppy forever.

Congratulations on having a cute puppy! Have fun!

Check out this girl's reaction when she realizes she's getting a new puppy. Priceless!

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