Dad And Daughter Preciously Fall Asleep During Playtime

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Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesThese two are so tired from playtime that they decided to take a nap together. Cuteness overload!

Many studies have shown that it is very important that children play with their parents at an early age, as this helps children to be smarter and learn to better control their emotions. This is not a problem for most parents, since almost all parents like to play with their children, obviously, regardless of their age, since it is always a good time to play and have fun. In this case, a woman managed to film the adorable moment in which a father and daughter fall asleep together after playing for several hours, apparently had a lot of fun, but then decided to take a break. This is probably the best father in the world!

The game is a basic element in the life of a child, which in addition to fun is necessary for its development. But why is it important and what does it give them? Children need to be active to grow and develop their abilities, play is important for children's learning and integral development since they learn to know life by playing. Children have to do things over and over again before learning them, so games have a formative nature when faced with them over and over again, situations which can dominate or adapt to them. In addition, the games can be of all kinds: table, sports, etc. Through play, children search, explore, test and discover the world for themselves, being an effective instrument for education.

Initially, children only develop by the immediate perception of the situation, they do the first thing that comes to mind, but this type of action has its limits especially when there are problems; Through play, the child learns to function in the mental environment, using thought to go beyond the concrete external world, managing to guide his behavior through the meaning of the situation, forcing him and motivating him to develop strategies for solving his problems. For example, when the child wants to make his tower of blocks taller, he will use his thinking to discover that he must place the largest blocks in the base, or make a base with several small blocks and make a tower taller than if I did it by stacking one block after another.

From two years of age, the child begins a new stage of play using his previous experience to get more elaborate new learning because the nature of his games will change because he is developing his ability to think about his new discoveries, he begins to communicate fluently, broadens your vocabulary and has a better mastery of your body (gross and fine motor skills), making you look for new experiences, playmates to develop your imagination by participating more in the adult world. The school stage means another step in the progress of their games, now they play at school and when they get home they continue playing and putting into practice what they have lived and learned in school, imitating reality, representing through symbolic play everything what they have lived or want to live, allowing them to express their emotions: joys, feelings, difficult moments, frustrations and more.