Dog Jumps From Van During Sudden Stop

Published December 16, 2019 393 Views $0.03 earned

Occurred on November 12, 2019 / Largo, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was driving down Gulf to Bay road in Largo, Florida when I saw this cute dog with his head out the window enjoying the breeze. A few seconds later, the driver stopped, the dog became frightened and jumped from the van doing about 25 mph. Fortunately, I was watching the dog and was able to slam on my brakes and not hit the dog. The confused and scared dog then ran out into traffic. The dog's owner was handicapped and unable to get out of the van to get his dog, so I was able to catch it and get it back into the driver's side of the van. I then shut the passenger door of the van and went on my way with my hands shaking a little bit. The dog seemed OK other than a few scrapes."

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