Baby Just Can't Stop Dancing To 'Old Town Road'

3 years ago

Have you ever seen how adorable a baby looks while dancing and enjoying its favorite song? Do not miss the opportunity to see it right now! Most babies generally like to dance and listen to their favorite songs, especially when they travel by car and need to enjoy the trip. Although most babies like to dance and listen to their favorite music, this particular baby seems to have enough energy to dance without stopping. It is obvious that this baby enjoys dancing while his parents watch him. This is an adorable baby named Ella Dooley who dances and enjoys her favorite song called "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X. Everyone should dance like this adorable baby!

Dance is an innate reaction in children. Recent research shows that babies are born programmed to dance. They have a natural predisposition to move to the rhythm of music and as they synchronize their movements with music, the more they like it. They are movements that cause them pleasure and are usually accompanied by a smile, with the added advantage that they get carried away and feel no shame. The disinhibition itself allows them to enjoy the dance with greater freedom. Like so many other things in the development stage, dancing is also learning. And there is no better way to learn than to enjoy what we do. That is why dancing is a practice that should be encouraged since they are very young, even before they can stand up.

For starters, dancing is a physical activity that favors cardiovascular exercise, in addition to strengthening muscles and improving elasticity and sense of balance. For its part, it favors coordination, memory, and concentration. The repetitive movements and the intention to make coordinated steps that accompany the melody is a great stimulus for the psychomotor development of the child. It also allows you to have a greater knowledge of your own body scheme. It also contributes to acquiring a sense of rhythm and musical ear, and from the social point of view, it helps them to make new friends and socialize. Do not forget something very important, dancing helps to improve self-esteem, release tension and strengthen self-confidence.

Children can be encouraged to dance since they are very young. To dance there has to be music, so you will have to play music at home, preferably with different rhythms (marchosa, rock, hip-hop, and others). When it is small, you can dance with the baby in your arms or in a baby carrier. You will enjoy the dance together while you rock it along with the music. Later, accompany him by guiding his movements by holding his hands or making simple steps to copy you. Accompanying the rhythm of the music through a musical instrument, or simply clapping or snapping your fingers, will help you acquire a greater sense of rhythm.

For older children, you can search for children's music videos to dance at home or use console dance games. There are for all console models and basically consist of imitating choreographies. Of course, you should never make fun or laugh at the child's way of dancing, but instead encourage him to keep doing it his way. There is no doubt that dancing is beneficial for children, it is even used with excellent results for the treatment of some developmental disorders in childhood. It is a pleasant activity with physical and emotional advantages that we should all practice more often.

Ella Dooley dances to her favorite song, "Old Town Road", while on a car ride. Hilarious!

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