Husky Reunites With Owner Returning Home From Deployment

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Have you ever separated yourself from your pets for a long time? If your answer is positive, you should know that dogs miss their owners a lot when they are not at home. The military says that the hardest part of their job is having to separate from their families and pets for a long time, but dogs tend to be the most affected pets, as they may feel depressed if their owners are away from home. This adorable Husky is called Vader and he spent a long time without seeing his owner since he is a military man and had to attend a deployment. You can see how Vader missed his owner a lot since he immediately runs to hug him when he sees him for the first time after returning from the deployment. Vader is very happy to see his owner again!

An article published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior mentions the work of a group of scientists who recorded images of 30 dogs of varying ages while alone for 90 minutes. Thus, they found that animals that had no previous symptoms of separation anxiety showed a passive attitude of rest or sleep for most of the time. Other less common behaviors were play and attention to the environment and to a much lesser extent moans, howls or barks.

On the other hand, a study conducted by experts from the University of Bristol, in England, showed that 85% of the animals that were left alone in the houses suffered some type of suffering. From separation anxiety to an increase in blood cortisol, the stress hormone.

The truth is that the current pace of life leads us to be away from home more and more for various reasons, inevitably leaving our pets alone. That is when some of them begin to suffer from separation anxiety. And, although we cannot enslave ourselves next to pets because of the guilt we feel, it is also not a valid option to abandon them or return them to the shelter where we adopt them, as is usually the case in some cases, given the damage they carry out.

If your pet is part of the group that can not stand to leave it alone, consult the veterinarian urgently. He will tell you what steps to take and if it is necessary to give him some type of medication. The important thing, in any case, will be that you begin to look for the way that your dog suffers less in these instances.

Keep in mind that teaching a dog to stay home alone is a process that takes time and perseverance. You must arm yourself with patience and tolerance, ignoring their false steps and rewarding with caresses and prizes every progress you make to reach this goal. So, surely, you can leave your home with the peace of mind that your dog is having a good time despite your absence. Many people say that dogs are the most loyal pets in the world and they are right!

Vader seeing his owner for the first time after coming home from his deployment. Check out their heartwarming reunion!

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