This Kid Confuses Sanitary Napkins For Actual Band-Aids

Published December 14, 2019

Rumble / Babies & KidsDo you think that all children have the right to play and have fun regardless of the mistakes they may make? Watch what this child does when he is bored at home! It is proven that children do almost anything to have fun when they are bored at home, so they often get into trouble, but that's fine because it allows them to learn things while playing and having fun. In this case, this child confuses his mother's sanitary napkins with real medical bandages, so he places the sanitary pads on some parts of his body and pretends to be injured, but he is only playing. Someone should definitely explain to this child what sanitary towels are for.

When a baby is born, their needs are many and their autonomy is barely null. But as they grow little by little they will become independent and able to do things for themselves. And here appears one of the most complicated challenges of parenting and education, which is none other than letting them do things for themselves, even knowing that they can be wrong and that such mistakes can cause discomfort. But letting children do things for themselves is essential for their development.

Letting them do things for themselves may seem simple since it should simply consist of moving away and taking care of other things. However, in one of the most complicated tasks for fathers and mothers. Our experience as adults has taught us that making a wrong decision or not taking certain precautions can lead to error, failure and frustration and discomfort. It is hard for us to let them do it for themselves because we love them and their mistakes hurt us.

But let's think about one thing, imagine that we want to learn to ride a bike, the first time we try we will fall and hurt ourselves, but fleeing the fall means never learning. The same happens in other areas, many of the things that as adults we already know, we do not know because we are adults, but because we have had experiences that have led us to learn them. Also, if we remember our own mistakes, they probably weren't so long in time, we should think that it probably hurts us more than the child himself.

It is very important to remember that when we deprive children of these experiences, they will not be able to develop certain learning and also will not develop a tolerance for frustration, self-confidence, and autonomy. For that reason, you should let them gradually assume responsibilities, appropriate for their age and abilities. It's not about letting them do everything on their own.

Let them do it alone, and supervise, but without perceiving that you are supervising. This part is very important. If they perceive that you are supervising it is likely that they tend to seek your approval and that they do not believe that they have achieved it themselves, but if they do not realize it, they will develop self-confidence. Teach them a positive way to see failures and mistakes, as a source of learning and not frustration. To do this, analyze the error, break it down and teach it how you’re supposed to do it to improve.

This little boy is using all of his mom's pads for his boo-boo. Priceless!


  • debdeb, 24 weeks ago

    Lol! I can totally relate to what this kid did because my son did something kind of similar 30 years ago. My friend and I were have a yard sale when all of a sudden Miah came out of the house and said "Look Mommy! I found a squirt gun!" It was a disposable douche bottle he had somehow gotten too. He was squirting it all over. I was horrified at first but were laughing so hard and we all had tears running down our faces. Fortunately it was only women there at the time.

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  • Hoanguyentv, 14 weeks ago


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