Baby Loves To Dance To Cardi B On Alexa

4 years ago

Are you one of the people who like to dance frequently? Probably yes, since many people like to dance. In that case, you should see how this baby reacts and dances when it listens to a song by Cardi B. It is proven that babies like to dance, especially when they hear their favorite song. Some people like to see their children dance, as this makes babies grow healthier and happier. In this fun video, you can see how an adorable baby dances a song from Cardi B, with the help of Spotify and Alexa. This is fantastic!

Most children like music and dancing. In fact, from an early age, they try to move along the rhythm of the melody. It is an instinctive response that relates to the need for human beings to communicate and express emotions through body movements and gestures. However, what was not known until recently is that the dance also influences the emotional state of the children, making them happier.

When children dance, their brain releases endorphins, a neurotransmitter that triggers the feeling of well-being, tranquility, and joy. In fact, some studies have shown that dance not only activates the motor and sensory circuits of the brain but also stimulates pleasure centers, making children feel better about themselves. This explains why children feel happy and joyful when they move to the beat of the music. Although this is not the only factor that intervenes in the positive feelings generated by the dance.

The equation should also take into account that dancing is not only a physical activity but, above all, a social activity that allows children to disinhibit themselves, express their emotions through movements and interact with other children assertively and have fun. In fact, dancing is an excellent opportunity for children to make new friends and share positive experiences with those around them. Of course, it also helps them develop some social skills, while it is a great exercise to stimulate their nonverbal language.

The dance mainly helps to improve self-esteem, children feel more comfortable with themselves and, therefore, gives them more resources to overcome personal problems, to face challenges and situations. During the dance, the brain cells have more oxygenation, which results in an increase in brain activity, which translates into better attention and ability to work faster. For children, dancing is another form of play, so it is associated with moments of fun and pleasure.

Dancing stimulates the child's motor system and balance. It also increases the concentration since the dance contributes to the growth of nerve cells in the brain. The dance forces to remember steps and movements, therefore, activates the memory as well. No matter what type of dance, it doesn't matter if the child likes rap, ballet or salsa; if the child dances better or worse; if it dances alone or with friends, the important thing is everything that is achieved by introducing the dance into your life. And, it is not only a fantastic exercise, but it also provides much-desired happiness. If the dance makes children and adults be happier, we just have to play music and get carried away.

Check out how this baby reacts when Alexa plays some Cardi B tunes. Hysterical!

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