Published December 13, 2019 2,529 Views

Rumble A FORMER race car driver has built a one-of-a-kind vehicle never before seen on the roads - a 1952 Ford pick-up truck that drives BACKWARDS. Davey Hamilton, from Indianapolis, was struggling to find the truck of his dreams. But having been inspired by his friend in Maine, another former driver who owned a truck, Davey decided to take things one step further. But to build his backwards truck, Davey had to first find a truck with a big back window that could act as a windscreen. Davey told Barcroft TV: “A lot of the older trucks have really small back windows; they don’t have the wide ones. I couldn’t find a truck with a big back window. I happened to find this truck three miles from my father’s house and knew I had to get it.” The truck had its original body, frames and pedals. “We had put the lights on obviously, going the wrong direction. I didn't know what to do for bed cover. So, we figured to keep the rustic look.” Davey had to do a lot of work for the truck to work just right. “We had to cut a hole between the bed of the truck and the cab of the truck for your feet to go in. And so that had to be sealed up so there's no water getting inside the truck.” With the seats in and doors on, the truck still had a little to go before making its road debut. The windshield wipers got installed to make it safe, so the truck had everything that’s required to get going. “It looks like it's supposed to go forward. And so, it took some time and to get everything levelled out and make sure that was mounted properly.” And Davey loves his creation for lots of reasons. “Number one, it’s an attention getter. Number two, it's definitely a fan favourite, number three, it was a lot of work. There's new people that see it every time we take it out and it's definitely a crowd getter.”

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