Sphynx Cat Runs On Treadmill Like A Hamster

Published December 13, 2019 47,831 Views $11.15 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensDo you think cats have enough energy to run and do an exercise routine every day? Look at the training routine of this Sphynx cat! Not all cats like to run and exercise, in fact, there are cats that are quite lazy and spend most of the day sleeping. On the other hand, there are cats who like to be athletes and run all day chasing other animals or insects. In this case, you can see how a beautiful Sphynx cat enjoys running inside a tape like a hamster, but it is a treatment mill for cats. Obviously this cat cares a lot about his health, that's why he does daily exercises. This cat loves to run like a hamster!

Seeing a cat running crazy around the house is very common, and many do it at night. Regarding this attitude, basically feline, there are many theories. There are those who associate this behavior at the moment when cats have defecated in their litter box. It is believed that when wild cats make their needs, they bury them as deeply as possible and run to flee as soon as possible from the place and that predators cannot track them because of their smell. This makes a lot of sense because if you look at your cat it is very likely that those crazy races will be done right after they have defecated. Even if it is a domestic cat, and possibly at home, there are instincts that are difficult to uproot and this could be one of them.

Another group of experts says that this attitude could be due to digestive problems or allergies that cause discomfort and that, running, could relieve them. Although it was a common and widespread belief, there were those who ruled them out because of the fact that there are many cats that present them, and it is hard to believe that everyone had stomach problems.

Another hypothesis is that these careers occur as part of an internal cleaning that they carry out. Considering how important hygiene is for cats, and that they groom themselves, this was a very popular belief by experts. Apparently, after defecating, they want to flee the excrement as soon as possible, because cats are cleaning lovers. Also, there are doctors who claim that there is a nerve that connects the brain and the colon and that when stimulated could cause cats to behave strangely.

There are many who claim that cats have large doses of energy and, as they do not go for a walk and hardly do much sport, running is a way to channel that energy and vent. However, this behavior seems to be more common in small and young kittens. Although it may seem very funny to see our cat run like crazy, sometimes this behavior can be associated with a more serious problem that you will have to deal with. Being aware of your pet is your responsibility, so if you see or believe that your cat has this attitude too many times, do not hesitate to go to the veterinarian.

This Sphynx cat likes to do his daily workout on a cat treatmill. Priceless!