CRIKEY! 10-Year-Old Reptile Fan Bitten By Pet Snake | BEAST BUDDIES

Published December 12, 2019 2,112 Views

Rumble A BRAVE 10-year-old boy is aiming to become the next Steve Irwin – taking care of more than 12 REPTILES in his bedroom. Carson is ‘obsessed’ with animals and is now sharing his passion with others around the world by holding educational classes and vlogging online. Adopting the nickname ‘Crocodile Carson’, the young daredevil shares his family home with lizards, frogs, turtles and a variety of snakes – including a 5’ 6” albino corn snake that’s much bigger than him. Despite being bitten numerous times, including a bite to the face, Carson loves his animals and has high hopes of replicating the work of his idol, Steve Irwin, in the future. Carson, who resides in Mississippi, told Barcroft TV: “I really love to play with big snakes and reptiles. My favourite animal to play with is definitely snakes. All of my reptiles are a lot to handle, but I do it each day because I love it!” Carson interacted with his first snake when he was just four years old. Over the years, Carson has had his fair share of bites and scratches from his beloved pets. He said: “I would say my most dangerous pet is definitely the alligator snapping turtle, because they get so big and they have such a powerful bite force.” Amber, Carson’s mother, continued: “He got bit in the face by a gecko one time.” Carson has now built up a following online with more than 1,000 people watching his content on Facebook - and he admits that he’s also quite the hit amongst his friends. Amber and Carson’s father, Andy, couldn’t be more proud of their son and hope he carries on in his quest to help educate the animal world. And Carson is now looking to the future, himself. “I want to either make a zoo or have one somewhere”, he said. “Or I want to be like Steve [Irwin]. I want to go around the world and do documentaries about different types of reptiles and mammals.”

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