Dog Jumps Into Owner's Bath While Water Fills Up

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you like dogs and consider them excellent pets? Watch how this adorable dog gets into the bathtub when its owner puts the water to heat! Some dogs like water very much, either for bathing or just for fun. The truth is that dogs have fun very easily and often use water to have fun or relax on hot days, but in this case you can see how this adorable dog gets into the bathtub when its owner puts the water to heat. The owner of these adorable dogs wanted to bathe in warm water and went to get his bath towels to bathe, but when he returned to the bathroom there was a big surprise, it is one of his dogs, who got into his bathtub to relax. Obviously this dog loves to bathe!

There are some little skilful breeds for swimming, such as dog breeds with flat snouts, such as: Bulldog, Boxer and Pug among others; or also, there are races whose greatest skill is in running or jumping like greyhounds or milks. On the other hand there are swimming breeds such as: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Spanish Water Dog, Portuguese Water Dog and the Scottish Water Retriever; since these dogs on their paws have an interdigital membrane that helps them swim faster. If you have any of these dog breeds you should be warned, it is very possible that every time you pass near a river, sea or pool, he runs to get in without thinking!

However, no dog is born learned, it is something they have to experience and if they like it they can enjoy it without problem, so they can swim, play and enjoy. Still, no matter the type of breed, whenever your dog gets into a lake, river or the sea, you must be aware of it to avoid accidents. Another factor is that there are people who usually reprimand the dog with water, when they do something wrong or ignore it. This makes your hairy drink the water as a punishment, associate it with something negative and being like this will never enjoy being in the water.

Finally, bath time: we have to remember that if we do not treat it well, they will have a bad experience, associating the bathroom with something negative, either because of the cold, because they pull their hair, or (for dogs of small breeds) posterior pains in the ear due to the accumulation of water (to avoid this it is advisable to put earplugs on their ears). It's a good time to bathe!

This guy went to grab a towel from downstairs while he was letting the bath water warm up... And this is what he returned to!

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