Confused Husky Shocked With Disappearing Prank

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen a dog's funny reaction when its owner makes a joke and disappears? The reaction of this adorable Husky is priceless! It is proven that most dogs love their owners very much, so dogs like to spend as much time as possible with their owners and play with them. However, things get really fun when the owner of this adorable Husky makes a joke and "disappears." After the man disappears, the dog begins to look for his owner throughout the house, since he loves him very much and needs to find him and know that he is well. This video is priceless!

It is widely known to all that the love of canines for humans is one of the most incredible and touching things in the world, since these beautiful animals remain faithful and loyal forever. Although it seems like a science fiction situation, dogs like humans have a hormone called oxytocin, which allows to activate a series of brain circuits that are related to all kinds of pleasant sensations, including the feeling of love a person.

Dogs see us as their family. Without any doubts, this is another of the main reasons why canines love human beings, since by perceiving ourselves as if we were part of their family, not only does it arouse in them the feeling of trust and comfort, but also They feel a love and fidelity that often accompanies them even after death. Of course, love will not be felt literally by anyone who is in the street, but by those who have given him decent treatment, so it is usually common to find cases in which canines do not love their owners, being These are very irresponsible with them and not paying enough attention.

These little four-legged friends and the humans who are with them can experience a similar increase in oxytocin in their blood, once they have spent ten minutes of contact, so this does not happen only with people they already know. Likewise, it is proven that the similar presence of this kind of love switch, both in humans and dogs, could be one of the consequences of the sociable and entertaining character that these beautiful animals usually demonstrate.

The most important thing that people who have dogs as pets should know is that dogs are animals that need a lot of fun around them, so it is advisable to play with dogs and make jokes. This family is an example to follow.

Roxy can't figure out what happened to the disappearing human! What a hilarious reaction!

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