Extremely Static Slide Causes Hair To Stand

Published December 11, 2019

Rumble / Babies & KidsDo you like science and see how children have fun while they play? Then this video will seem very funny, since the static makes this child's hair get up while the child slides from a slide. Evidently nobody expected this to happen, but in the end it turned out to be fun to see how this child's hair becomes completely static. Many people do not have much knowledge about science and technology, so some people thought it was a magic faith trick, but the truth is that all this happened thanks to the static of the child's clothes and the slide. This is really interesting!

Static electricity is a phenomenon of surfaces that is generated when two or more bodies come into contact and separate again. This action results in a separation or transfer of negative electrons from one atom to another.

There are several situations in which you will check that your hair contains a lot of electricity: when combing, when you leave the car or the elevator.

When we talk about static electricity in the hair we mean that it contains an excess of electric charge, even though this element is considered an insulator. This situation is usually recorded for a long time, so the accumulation of electric charge in your hair is maintained.

If your hair has a lot of electricity, you should not worry because it is something that happens to many people in a normal and continuous way. However, the most likely to suffer from this phenomenon are those who have fine or very fine hair, as well as those who do not care for it properly.

Surely it happened to you like everyone else, that sometimes you notice that your hair has a lot of static electricity. It is normal and even usual. Nor should we worry about it, but of course, we do have to try to put solutions as soon as possible. If you notice it after washing your hair or combing it, then write down the following.

There are people who not only notice the electricity in their hair when they wash it, but also when they take off a hat or motorcycle helmet. It seems that the imbalance between positive and negative charges is what creates this revolution.

One of the types of hair that is more prone to this phenomenon is thin hair. Although the curls are not far behind, especially when they have a great lack of hydration. If the hair is not taken care of correctly, it seems that this electricity will appear in the most common way. Of course, it is not something that you always have to follow this rule. They can influence from the environment to all that we can take as an accessory in our hair.

Check out the static electricity from this slide as it causes a little boy's hair to stand straight up. Hilarious!