Heartwarming Interaction Between Horse And Baby Giraffe

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFrom what we can see in the world, we are all clumsy when we first learn to walk. This giraffe immediately learns to get up, an evolutionary trait that allows her to survive... and if that were not enough, just having a few hours of birth she already wants to make friends. Watch as this giraffe with a day of birth tries to relate to a horse Welcome to the world!

Once born, the baby falls to the ground and has no time to lose. The calves are usually able to get up within 30 minutes of birth. In the video, we see the first moments of a giraffe's life. Although it seems quite stable, it's incredible to think that this animal was recently still in its mother's womb. This is amazing!

The giraffe is an animal whose physical characteristics make it easy for most people to identify. It is the tallest animal in the world, averaging between 14 and 17 feet. The highest recorded was 20 feet high.

In many respects it is related to deer and cows. Both males and females have horns. Many people assume that only males have horns, what happens is that those of females are not so long. They also have hair on top of them, while males do not.

In the neck they have 7 vertebrae, this gives them flexibility and a wide range of movements. They are extremely fast. Their front legs are 10% longer than the hind legs. However, fast running is something they can only do for a short period of time, making it extremely difficult for them to escape predators. However, they are hard prey, even for big cats, so their power should not be underestimated. The heart is approximately 22 pounds and 2 feet long.

It is not uncommon to see giraffes interacting with other wild animals, such as zebras, horses or deer. Experts believe this is because they have access to a more panoramic view and can warn other animals about possible predators in the area.

Female giraffes give birth standing up and their offspring may fall several feet off the ground once born. A bag of membranes prevents damage during the process. The newborn is approximately 6 feet high.

The spots on the bodies offer them some protection in nature. Camouflage helps them blend in with the African environment and confuse predators.

Giraffes make a kind of vocalization that many people cannot hear. These include low meows and loud coughing sounds. They also make a cow-like sound.

You may be surprised to learn that humans often hunt giraffes for their tails, skins and flesh but this is an unpleasant reality, as the idea is to value all lives with no intention of extinguishing them for commercial purposes.

A day old baby giraffe meets AJ the horse in this precious clip. Best friends!


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