Dog Tries Avoiding Trouble By Running And Hiding

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAre you one of the people who thinks that the reaction of dogs is similar to that of humans? ! You're right and this video proves it! It is proven that dogs feel angry at fear and guilt when they do inappropriate things, so they often run when they do bad things, but this particular dog seems to be very afraid and tries to run to avoid problems. This funny dog runs and hides because he bit something he should not touch, so he knows he is in trouble, this dog expects problems to disappear by magic. This dog is very funny!

If you ever see that your dog always ends up hiding under your bed and you do not know the reason that leads him to do so, do not believe that he is the only one who does it. Many find their particular den in that place and there may be several reasons behind it.

One of the main reasons may be behind strange and very loud noises. Ask yourself if this is why there has been some kind of party with firecrackers or fireworks around your house. If so, it is very likely that your dog has chosen the bottom of your bed as the best place to avoid having to endure those rumblings. For them, it is a place they consider safe, in fact they can even find other hiding places in the home as long as they are protected and dark. That makes them feel relief.

It is very likely that they also try to hide if in the past your pet suffered some type of abuse. It is easy that after adopting a dog, it has to be made to a new home, new rules, a new environment and that makes it a little stressed until it manages to feel completely comfortable. But he also has another challenge, to understand the behavior and routine of his new master, who will try to show him that what caused him harm or suffering, will no longer do so.

Of course, if you consider that his behavior is repeated regularly and there is no way to get him to calm down if he is not in his usual "house", it is good that you consult a veterinarian to help you identify the problem or if he is suffering Some kind of disorder or illness. But usually, many will go there to relax and disconnect, so there is no need to worry too much, just be attentive.

This guilty pup tries to run away from being in trouble after chewing up something he’s not meant to touch. Too funny!