Three foot flaming inferno is part of the service at this Greek restaurant

Published December 6, 2019 1,294 Views $3.31 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeGuests who came to the Greek Tycoon restaurant in Whitby, Ontario for delicious food got an amazing presentation and a little more excitement than they bargained for. Cheese saganaki is one of the menu items that promises more than just a taste experience. The cheese is fried and served softened and warm, but it is drenched in ouzo, a Greek liqueur that is highly flammable.

Corey, the waiter at this restaurant announced that the cheese was about to arrive. As he reached the table with the platter, he announced "cheese saganaki", lit the ouzo on fire and shouted "Opa" a Greek exclamation that is said with emotion or excitement. Sometimes this expression is paired with smashing of plates, symbolizing the discarding of an old life as one embarks on a new one.

Obviously Corey has done this many times as he doesn't even flinch when the flames suddenly erupt from the platter high above his head. With a smile, he looks at the astonished guests who have not seen such a performance. All eyes in the restaurant were on Corey and the room fell silent as the flames quickly subsided. Kristy, who was about to eat the cheese commented light-heartedly that it was lucky the fire alarm didn't go off.

Corey also brought out a plate of warm pita bread to go with the melted cheese.

Cheese saganaki is a sharp, but delicious cheese that pairs well with olives, breads, tomatoes and various dipping sauces. Part of an exciting dining experience, it is well worth a try.