Funny Cat Falls Over While Wearing Hilarious Costume

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Rumble / Cats & KittensIt seems that this cat is not very happy with his new shark costume and that makes him know with his face and the way he is dropped to the floor. The owner of this cat can not stand laughing to see how funny your cat looks with that little costume Hilarious!

Our pets are considered a member of the family, so it is completely normal that we want to share with her many of the things that are part of our day to day and our way of living fun. Therefore, many people decide to disguise their cat on special occasions, so that it is combined with their outfits and more integrated both in the celebration and in the family environment.

However, putting a costume on your cat has its positive side and its negative side. A cat is a pet that, if it does not go out, is constantly by our side in the home. He always welcomes us when we arrive for a long day away from home and seeks the heat at our side. We can also play with him and enjoy our pet as a member of the household, giving him the attention and care he needs.

Therefore, it is normal that in celebrations or on special occasions we want to put on a costume. Remember that there are costumes designed exclusively for cats, so you do not have to wear a doll, which may be uncomfortable, it is too small and can harm your fur or skin.

Once you have found the ideal costume for your pets, you can place them in the most gentle and kind way possible. If you do not find a store specializing in pet costumes you can make it yourself, but remember that it must be of the appropriate measure so that it is comfortable and can not harm you.

Perhaps the time to put on the costume will not be the most comfortable of all, because it is likely that your pet will not be left. Cats do not like direct physical contact and human interaction as much as dogs (although it always depends on each particular pet, since each cat can have a different character). However, it is most likely that putting on the costume is not a simple task.

The first thing to keep in mind is that cats are not people. Thus, they will not enjoy the same things in the same way that we do. It may be very fun for us to wear a costume, but according to what cats the costumes can become an object of great contempt.

Cats spend a lot of time during the day licking their fur to remove dead hair and clean it, then vomit these hairs that they have not been able to digest. This process is completely normal in our pet. However, if we put clothes on him, he will not be able to lick or lick the costume directly, causing him not only to hurt him, but that he may hurt his mouth or tongue or ingest some piece of the costume that could cause drowning or severe stomach aches (depending on whether it is cloth or some other material hitch).

Many pets when they are in disguise feel ridiculous, so they stare at the owner, waiting for the costume to be removed. It is quite common for them to remain still in a place and do not want to move, since in doing so they will do it in a fun way or it will seem to bother them.

Grandpa the cat finds that the material on his body makes him shut down. Hysterical!

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