Adorable Baby Sits in Giant Bowl of Cereal

Published December 4, 2019

Rumble / Babies & KidsAre you one of those people who think children's attitudes are sometimes funny? You should watch this adorable little girl do whatever she wants with her huge cup of cereal! Usually, most kids have special days where their parents do some whims and let them have fun with what they like best, they tend to do things out of the ordinary, but this girl doesn't seem like she wants to follow any kind of instructions, she just wants to reflect on her cereal cup while eating her cereal without milk. Obviously children have really funny attitudes, luckily there are smartphones to film these funny moments. This girl does what she wants!

The feeding of children is one of the things that most worries parents. They must ensure that it is healthy, complete and balanced. Therefore, at the age recommended by the pediatrician and in the way that the pediatrician indicates, cereals should be present. Specifically, it is usually from the fourth or fifth month of age when it is recommended that they begin to be included in their diet.

Without a doubt, one of the main reasons why children eat cereals is that they are very rich in fiber. And this becomes a key element in achieving, among other things, two goals:

To fight against childhood obesity. This is due to the fact that the fiber is satiating and, therefore, it will prevent the child from eating when he should not eat or peck at unhealthy foods.

Similarly, it should not be overlooked that cereals are very rich in carbohydrates, basic nutrients for the child. Yes, because they promote growth and development.

Of course, do not forget either that hydrates contribute to the nervous system working properly, provide energy, keep the correct parameters to cholesterol and allow stress under control. They give the little ones the necessary energy to be able to face the day to day, making them active and carry out a good school performance.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, we cannot overlook another series of reasons why cereals form part of the diet of the small ones of the house.

They provide them with minerals, which become a great tool for growth as long as they favor cognitive development.
They are also rich in proteins. These allow the correct growth of bones, strengthen the immune system, get a good distribution of oxygen through the blood and allow certain organs, such as the heart, are in perfect condition.

In order for you to have as much information as possible about the consumption of cereals by the youngest children, here are some other particularly interesting data.

Whole grains are not the most recommended for children because, among other things, they can not only hinder digestion but also that the body can absorb certain nutrients. In particular, they are not suitable for children under the age of 2.

The little ones who are allergic to gluten will find cereals for sale which they will be able to take without any problem. In particular, those recommended for people with this allergy are wheat, rice or quinoa, among others.
There are several ways in which children can eat cereals. Thus, they can have a bowl of these with milk at breakfast, but they can also eat them in the form of special energy bars for children, mixed with a yogurt... That without forgetting that there is also the possibility that they ingest them in the form of porridge, in creams, in the form of a milkshake mixed with fruit ...

When buying cereals for small children, it is necessary to take into account their age, whether they are allergic to gluten or not, as well as the amount of sugars and fats in the products found in the supermarket. Bearing these considerations in mind, a healthy diet for children will be ensured.

Check out this baby girl sitting in a bowl of Cheerios. Cuteness overload!


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