3-year-old's Beautiful Juke Move Results In Touchdown

Published December 4, 2019

Rumble / Sports BloopersArian uses his juke move to score his first touchdown. Just wait for the dance moves for his interview!

Considering that sports and dancing make a good combination? Probably yes, since everyone likes to celebrate when they get to do a touchdown. Regardless of the age of the people, everyone gets excited when their favorite team wins, but in this case you can see how one of these kids gets very excited when he does an incredible touchdown, managing to surprise everyone in the stands with his impressive movements. Kids are able to develop incredible dance and sports skills if they train with a lot of discipline and passion, and this video shows that kids can achieve all the goals they set for themselves. These kids are just waiting for the game to start to show off their incredible skills!

Let us tell you that football is not only fun, it has great benefits for the physical and mental health of boys and girls. Here we share them with you, along with the recommendations you need to know to start practicing this sport.

The adrenaline produced by play reduces stress levels. It serves to channel energy, making it ideal for restless children.

Take your child to his pediatrician to determine if he has the age and physical condition necessary for the training that the players carry. Ask the coach about the equipment he will need. It's important that he or she is the right size for your best comfort. Avoid buying larger sizes.

Enroll him in a place that has the facilities and equipment necessary for your child's well-being (in addition to the court, there should be dressing rooms and infirmary). Practice with him the moves he learns and give him security.

Most kids like soccer first. The ideal age to start playing football will be marked by the child himself, that is, that your child asks you to join a team.

The fact of being in a school that offers this sport as an extracurricular activity often influences, in turn, accompanied by the group of friends with whom it is related.

While there is no need to impose the sport, explicitly encouraging it will help the child choose. For example, dad and son can go out to a field to shoot some shots, take him to soccer games, etc.

There are many theories about when to begin the initiation to American football. But there are studies that show that the skills worked on children from 3 to 6 years old have given highly satisfactory results.

The work to be done in the stage of initiation to American football should consist of coordination and perception of space-time (physical aspects) and controls, passes, conductions and hits (technical aspects).

All this work must be based on play, fun, playful competition. The child must learn while having fun, or at least without getting bored.

From 0-3 years the movement is key, here the child develops his capacity of observation and coordination, beginning to control the balance and the space.

From 3-6 years old one can begin to understand the didactic sport, initiating the child in tasks that imply situations, stimuli, repetitions, comparisons. The child begins to understand actions, to know his level with respect to the group and can put his creativity to work.

Encourage your children to do pre-sports games, initiators, where they explore throwing and controlling all the basic forms of movement, and then transfer it to the playing field.


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