Big Doggy Barks At Reflection In Bathroom Mirror

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLook how this funny Rottweiler dog can't believe that another handsome dog is in his bathroom. You have to see the funny reaction of this canine to be reflected in the mirror It is priceless! It seems that this is the reason why he takes so long to get out of the bathroom, he enjoys a pleasant company to play in the bathroom Hilarious!

There are many things that arouse curiosities about our most loyal friends, dogs. About his behavior, his way of perceiving the environment or his thoughts.

Have you ever wondered if they are able to recognize themselves in front of a mirror or what they feel when they look at each other? While these are abstract questions that we would love dogs to answer, science has tried to do so.

The team of specialists in charge of studying animal cognition have developed tests on animals to see if they can recognize each other.

The tests involve the mirror and have been performed since 1970 to determine if animals have self-awareness.

Elephants, chimpanzees and dolphins have been able to pass the test, suggesting that animals are aware of themselves. However, other creatures such as octopus or other primates have been confused and not interested in the mirror.

Dogs have also failed the mirror test. They are not able to understand or do not care what happens with the mirror. While they play with him, few dogs show behaviors that could indicate that they recognize their reflex.

However, within the scientific community, there are those who question this test, arguing that self-awareness is a much broader concept that should not be measured just that way.

According to biologist Marc Bekoff of the University of Colorado, the difference between dogs and humans or other primates, is because they use smell as their main sense, then hearing and then sight.

The first reaction of this animal to a mirror is a surprise and trying to play with what he sees but realizes that the mirror has no smell and ends up ignoring it.

But studies by Bekoff have shown that dogs are able to recognize food, objects and people through the mirror, but cannot recognize themselves, because of that lack of smell.

When they look in the mirror they are not able to recognize themselves, they think that it is another dog to play with but the lack of smell confuses them.

George Carlin the dog is seen here barking at his reflection in the mirror. Priceless!