Puppy Hilariously Confronts Owner For Piece Of Her Sandwich

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis dog with enough character lets his owner know that he wants a bit of his sandwich. Look how he gets upset! The puppy looks like a human in full discussion, he does not accept a "No" for an answer. The puppy refuses to accept that his owner does not want to share his food with him, he is supposed to be the spouse of the house, isn't he? Keep reading and you'll understand why this girl did well not to give her pet her sandwich. Don't miss it!

The digestive system of dogs is one of the strongest in relation to other animal species. Their PH is more acidic than that of a human being, so they are able to digest products such as bones. In addition its digestive transit is very fast.

However, dogs are intolerant of certain products that are much easier for humans to digest. So if you think you are very bad for not sharing your food with your dog, you are wrong, because rather you take care of your digestion by not giving food that your digestive system cannot tolerate.

In general, human food causes in dogs the production of softer and more poorly formed stool, it also generates a greater production of gases due to the obstruction in digestion, which produces flatulence with very strong odors.

There is also a greater risk of giving the animal a food that can trigger allergic reactions or towards those who have intolerance.

Everything that your dog takes to the stomach will be evidenced in many aspects of its physical appearance. For example, if your dog is well fed, its fur is much brighter. Excessive intake of some human foods can cause weight loss, hair loss, and skin allergies.

Sweets, dairy products or caffeine can cause digestive disorders, as well as anemia and hyperactivity in dogs.

The digestive system of dogs digests sugar more difficultly. Some foods without needing to be sweet as such, contain sugars. Wheat flour-based foods are an example and are harmful to dogs' health because they alter blood sugar levels, causing diabetes and obesity.

The ideal dog food to balance the body's basic functions is that made from cereals, proteins and carbohydrates. You need to give your pet food made especially for them.

Dog feeds are composed of fibers and mineral products ideal for the nutrition of your pet. They are also the ones that assure you of a balanced diet of nutrients, supplements that favor natural functions of canines such as hair removal, strengthening of dentures, fat regulation for weight control, among others.

This 4-month-old puppy makes it clear that he would like some of his owner's tasty sandwich. Cuteness overload!