The bodyboarding dog showing the little one how it’s done!

Published December 2, 2019 88 Views

Rumble Abby the lab mix was rescued by a high kill shelter. Abby was about a year and a half old and set for euthanasia in two days before we adopted her.
Abby has a horrible begging to her life, she was neglected, physically abused and heart worm
When we bought her home, she would cower and whine when we went to pet her. She had low self esteem. And had a hard time trusting humans( who could blame her)
The oddest thing she was afraid of water! Labs love water. The only thing Abby loved was her ball! In order to increase her confidence I placed her on a bodyboard. Using her ball as a reward!
Abby learned that my shifting her weight from side to side she was able to move her bodyboard to retrieve her beloved ball.
My family is so grateful to have her part of our family.
In this video, she appears to be trying to show the little puppy it’s ok, “watch me!”
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Abby also volunteers as a comfort dog for the walk out of darkness. It’s a fundraiser that educates people about suicide and funds suicide prevention and awareness. People that attend the walk are family and friends that have lost people to suicide. Most of them find comfort with Abby. They loook into her big brown eyes and just pet her. Some people don’t say a word, just walk up to her, petting her with tears streaming down their face.
Abby is a gently, kind sweet little girl. I believe She knows she’s been saved!
Thank you for watching the video! 💕