Guilty Dog Has Great Acting Skills

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLegacy fakes his death after getting caught chewing up his owners socks. Hysterical!

Nobody really needs to face an error they’ve made – obviously, that involves dogs, too! It seems this dog got a little too crazy and knocked over some things in the house, and his owner wants him to fess up… but he’ll do anything to act as innocent as he can!

This is the adorable moment when a naughty dog fakes his death after getting caught chewing up his owner's socks. Hysterical! When the owner confronted him about it, he couldn't face looking at his owner without making a scrunchy face covered with guilt. Too funny!

We have got a tricky one on our hands. Judging by the scrunchy face he is making, he is occupied with guilt all right! A guilty dog turns into a statue when defied!

Footage shows a dog standing in the middle of the room. However, when the owner confronts him, he decided to blatantly ignore the mess and any of the consequences that follow, by making a scrunchy face and lying on the floor with a guilty look on his face.

This bad dog fakes his death after getting caught chewing up his owner's socks. Hysterical! He refuses to look at her owner. He just lays down on the floor with a guilty expression on his face. His reaction is just hilarious!

Definitely, this dog has a lot of attitudes to show, which is bold and in the end - it works.

Although he seems cantankerous, it is actually a very sweet, and friendly dog. He is a playful and an excellent companion, unfortunately, he does not handle stressful situations very well, much less knowing that his facial expression betrays him, that he is extremely guilty and that his owner knows it. How many of us have a naughty friend at home who does unimaginable things while we are away?

But what would be of many homes without the presence of these smart and ingenious companions? The personality of our canine friends can vary by the race, the age and the environment where they are unfolding; but without a doubt what that is true, is that the insight they have and their way of reacting to certain situations always leave us abysmal.


  • bluedaisy, 42 weeks ago

    that is not playing dead he is being submissive as he is and looks afraid. nothing cute here .

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