Boy Realizes How Hard Shoveling Snow Is

Published November 28, 2019

Rumble / Babies & KidsDo you think some children's tantrums are really funny? Look at this child's tantrum after offering to remove snow from the house! Some children tend to want to help their parents very often, all with the intention that their parents do not do all the work, it is likely that children also want to feel useful and capable. In this case, you can see how Peyton, the boy, offered to shovel the eight inches of snow around the house, but when he started shoveling, he quickly realized that it is not an easy job, so he does a little tantrum. Peyton's parents could watch from the cameras. Snow shoveling does not seem to be a job for children!

The snow transforms everything, metamorphosed landscapes, fingers and icy noses and much more. It is a great discovery for boys and girls, especially the first time they see snow and can play in the snow. Children cannot resist touching and trying that new element. But, in the long run, the feeling of cold is not pleasant and can be painful: the child has to learn not to take off his gloves and walk on soft snow is not like doing it on hard ground. In addition, when an adult sinks in the snow to the ankles, the child's snow reaches the knees.

Snow profoundly transforms our perceptions. In the silence that accompanies the snowfall, there is a certain "acoustic damping" that changes our perception of space and distances. In addition, the snow, when it covers everything, turns gray or black into a bright white and, conversely, that white makes the shapes and colors stand out. For a child, these first experiences are questionable and involve new difficulties that he has to overcome. The pleasure that snow gives us adults makes us forget the fear and suffering it can cause in the child. But why not transform that difficulty into something positive? The really interesting thing is that everything changes.

Snow has all the tricks to conquer children for the many sensations it offers: the pleasure of touching it, rolling and batting, sliding. But it is also a source of discoveries and learning. The interest of this matter lies in its richness, in the resulting integrity: it simultaneously stimulates cognitive, psychomotor and emotional aspects.

Snow offers children, for starters, the possibility of seeing surprising and exciting transformations. If you collect snow and crush it well in your hands, you can make a hard ball with which to mount a doll. But, if you leave it in your hands for a while, you will see that the snow ends up melting and turning into water. Through these experiences, the child acquires the first physical notions that he will resume later, at school: at that time, the feelings experienced by the child will emerge and help him understand better. When the snow covers a landscape that the child knows, a landscape in which he usually lives will help him to perceive the passage of time, the succession of the seasons. The snow is not so bad after all!

Occurred on November 26, 2019 / Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Info from Licensor: "My son Peyton offered to go shovel the 8 inches of snow we got earlier today but quickly realized he was in over his head. My security cameras caught his mini-tantrum."


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