Dog Cautiously Steals Sandwich From Sleeping Toddler

Published November 28, 2019

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesDo you know what happens when a baby falls asleep with a sandwich in his hands? Dogs come to the rescue! You should see how this adorable baby sleeps with a sandwich in his hands so that his adorable dog named Juki doesn't let the delicious sandwich get damaged and eat it, obviously, Juki, the dog, doesn't like to lose food, so he eats Everything the baby leaves. Most dogs like to eat at all times, but this time Juki is very lucky since he takes advantage of any opportunity in which the baby in the house falls asleep to eat his food. Juki doesn't like to waste food!

It is common for young children to fall asleep while eating starring in funny scenes like the one we see in the video. The poor man is so tired that he doesn't even have the strength to swallow the last bite. Babies spend so much energy during the day that they sometimes fall asleep while doing other activities such as eating, playing or bathing. It is something completely normal for babies to fall asleep while they eat because their energy usually runs out very quickly, to avoid this, you just have to change the baby's daily routine.

It is a blessing to have a new member in the family, as it marks the beginning of a new stage in which love must be the core of the relationships between all the people involved, even more, when we can enter to talk about a package. That's right, for a dog or a cat you are part of a package, which is subject to modifications if new members arrive and each member must adopt the changes that come with the arrival of that person. When you already have pets and have decided to have a human child, they may enter into a dilemma by believing that the interaction of the animal with the newborn can be detrimental to the latter.

On the other hand, you are also likely to want to experiment by adopting a puppy so that your children grow up in a more diverse and fun environment. In both cases, it is natural that there are doubts and insecurities. It is understandable because the dynamics of hygiene between species are quite different and will try to keep your baby away from anything that could compromise his health and integrity. Do not worry, it is proven that a dog with good behavior will never harm any baby, so you can be totally calm.

This shows that a dog can provide your child with a greater capacity to relate and improve their self-esteem, aspects that are very important throughout their lives to overcome the demands of today's society. They can also promote a healthy life, as they motivate physical activity, since a simple daily walk or games that can be done with the pet invite children to be in constant motion. Exercise is essential for children. This depends largely on your health and also helps prevent diseases such as childhood obesity or diabetes. Dogs and babies are best friends!

Watch as Juki the dog sneaks in and cautiously steals a tasty sandwich from this sleeping toddler. That's too funny! Credit to 'Bethany Bradshaw'.