Ice dropped down 300 foot hole in Antarctica creates creepy sound

Published November 27, 2019 35,555 Views $15.06 earned

Rumble / Weird SciencePeter Neff is a glaciologist and ice-core scientist studying climate of the past from the annual layers frozen in glaciers and ice sheets.

We do occasionally have some fun with our boreholes, once the science is done!

Because this seems to be going viral, here’s another look at the #Antarctic #ice drop. This pure ice borehole is 10” diameter and 80-90 m (260-300 ft) deep.

What you hear: 👂🔊
1) As the ice scrapes down the hole, the Doppler effect decreases the sound frequency,
2) “Ricochet” or “gunshot” 💥 is the sound of the ice hitting the bottom and the sound coming up the hole at varying speed.

Video credit @icy_pete